Damstredet 8

For the past month I have been fixing, thinking, researching, cleaning, made calls, conferred, laughed and worried a lot, which all resulted in starting up a co-working space for freelancers in Oslo along with friend and colleague Malin Longva. The studio houses 21 freelancers working with photography, film production, script writing, journalism, graphic design and biology (!) and is located in a red brick building that used to be the city district's milk outlet. Damstredet is a very unique street of 1700–1800's wood houses, with a long history of artistic activity, ranging from authors and poets, weavers and painters.

We are so lucky to have found this spot just as the contract at our space in Wesselsgate ran out. The house has so much charm it already feels like more of a home than an office. Please drop by if you're ever in the neighbourhood!!