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Misc. / 2015–2017


Every now and then I make illustrations. Above you find drawings made for singer/songwriter Siv Jakobsen made from thousands of hand drawn dots. Below are sketches and the final illustration for ENO, a yearbook of music. I was given the task of visualising the month of October, and chose to take inspiration from a dream I once had about Bob Dylan.


I enjoy using different techniques and delve into concepts based partly on research and partly on personal associations to the topic. Below is an old school computer inspired illustration for the magazine Argument. The article is about the future of brain science, and discusses whether we will be able to reconstruct the brain with computers and what could be the consequences.


Musicians being squeezed by ridiculous amounts of footballs – an illustration for Norsk musikkråd (The Norwegian Music Council) and their political debate regarding the distribution of economic support for music vs. sports.