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Public Installation / 2016


In collaboration with friends Kjetil Olai Torgrimsby (landscape architect) and Selma Isefiær McDougall (architect) Sølvkuben was created for a competition by Oslo Mobility Week. Our submission was accepted and the installation built in one day with a little help from Kjetil's dad (thanks, Kjell!).

The installation took up a parking spot for one week, and was created to show how urban space can be used when cars are removed from the cityscape. Sølvkuben consists of a wooden frame covered by two layers of silver draperies, creating a room within the room. The inner room opens up towards the sky and leaves you alone among the fluttering silver. 


The installation went through three phases, two of them not planned for, as the silver draperies couldn't handle interaction as well as we hoped for. Note to self: kids and drunk people will not only tell the truth, they will also be violently playful while doing so! Read more about the process on my blog.


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Photos by Richard Ashton / Kulturnatt
GIF's by Malin Christin Longva